Danielle Whitener

Danielle Whitener, Studio Owner

“I thrive off of motivating and inspiring people to live a healthy lifestyle, live happy and feel confident and comfortable in their own skin. There is nothing more rewarding than changing someone’s life for the better. I lead my classes from my heart, and my energy is through the roof. You can always expect a HIGH ENERGY, FUN & SAFE SWEAT FEST from me! I am very passionate about truth and vulnerability, and I ask that of my clients each and every class. I expect you to dedicate your mind, soul, heart and spirit to YOU, and exactly what YOU are needing for that one hour of your journey with me. My mission and purpose is to help you LOVE you for exactly who YOU are. Now, LET’S PUMP UP THE MUSIC & GET TO WORK! WHOOOOHOOOO!!”

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Sammi Ke-a

Sammi Ke-a, 200 Registered Yoga Teacher, Studio Manager

“My goal is to facilitate a change of desired perspective about the self while applying the absolutely positive, ‘Yes you can!’ attitude in everyday life.” I enjoy seeing firsthand the evolution of my clients’ positive sense of self. I love being there to encourage and help individuals to be inspired while “following their bliss.”

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Jill Burns

Jill Burns, Certified Fitness Instructor

“Freebird brings such love and happiness in my life! It has been part of me since I first walked into the studio when the doors opened last February, as an addicted client to now a proud instructor. I hope clients find fun, big smiles and BUUURRNNNSSS while taking my classes, all of course while listening to some awesome tunes and letting go of what they need to and gaining strength from the inside out.”

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Mandy Reid

Mandy Reid, 500 Registered Yoga Teacher

I want everyone who comes to my yoga classes to walk out feeling better; stronger, more confident, and more at peace. My yoga philosophy is even though yoga is a practice, it should feel good in your body, and be FUN! Come to my Power Vinyasa classes expecting to get out of your head, try something brand new every time, find strength you didn’t know you had, and to SWEAT! (And I promise an AMAZING playlist EVERYTIME!)

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Amber Cannon, Certified Buti Yoga Teacher

Outside of giving a challenging, sweat induced, judgement free and really FUN workout, my goal as an instructor is to have everyone walk away feeling more self love and acceptance of their body, mind and soul. I want everyone to feel great about what they can do as well as be motivated by what they feel challenged by. By the end of class I want YOU to feel so incredibly grateful to have a body that is able to be so active no matter how beginner or advanced you feel your body is. We only get one, so take care of it and give your mental, physical, and emotional self the love and growth it deserves!

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Kelsey Muskin, Afro-Fusion Dance Instructor

“I am all about letting loose and having fun in my classes! The goal is to get a great workout, learn some new moves, all while having a blast! I want my students to know that it’s okay to step out of their comfort zones and get lost in the rhythms of the music. My goal is to have everyone smiling and feeding off of each other’s energy! 5, 6, 7, Aye! : )”

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