FreeBird Fitness was created in 2015 right here in Brentwood, Tennessee by Danielle Whitener. She aspired to create a truly unique and welcoming fitness studio where every-BODY is welcome! We are a modern boutique fitness studio that offers a variety of the most effective fitness trends to strengthen the mind, body and soul. We offer classes for all ages 16+ and every fitness level. We also recognize that everyone that attends group fitness classes is NOT on a weight loss mission. Exercise and body movement is proven to reduce stress and depression, increase flexibility, strengthen the body and improve coordination, agility and balance. MOVEMENT FEELS GOOD, and we always want to make you feel good whatever that means to you! We are a judgment free studio and it is our mission to make you feel comfortable and confident as you arrive to your first FreeBird class and every class after that!

We ask that first time clients arrive 15 minutes early so you can fill out necessary paperwork, tour the studio and prepare for your first class with us. We lock the studio door at the start of class to avoid disruptions. Please plan accordingly, and if you are running late, please call the studio PRIOR to the start of class to let us know! Please note that we may not be able to accommodate new students who show up less than 15 minutes before their first class. If you are unable to attend a class you have registered for, please cancel by 8pm the night before for all classes before 9am and 2 hours prior to class start time for all other classes to avoid charges.

We recommend wearing fitted clothing that is comfortable to move in! Please wear sneakers for our trampoline, FLEX circuit, FLEX fusion and dance classes (optional for our FLEX classes), and you can either go barefoot, or you can wear grip socks for all other classes. Please arrive on time to the studio hydrated and  with your yoga mat, sweat towel, and water!

**Please note, minors must be at least 16 to practice at our studio and a legal guardian MUST come in with you to complete the initial paperwork. 

Are you a new yogi?

The perfect classes to get you started are Gentle Vinyasa and Vinyasa. Our Vinyasa classes are heated 75-80 degrees. The studio’s heat makes our muscles more malleable, so that they can be reshaped without damage or stress to transform your body from the inside out. This class will go over the alignment and purpose of the fundamental poses of a vinyasa class. Vinyasa means flow, and will learn to match your breath to your movements. Once you have experienced a few Vinyasa classes, you will be ready to amp up your practice and join our Power Flow class. FreeBird Yoga is about empowering you to be you–where you are now–and feeling great about that, while also empowering you to grow into your personal best self.  And always remember, no matter where you are on your yogic path, listen to your body and rest when you need to in child’s pose.

Are you needing to add strength training to your routine?

Our signature class FLEX is a form focused total body resistance training class that will shape, tone, and elongate your muscles through the mind and body connection. You will get a personal training experience with the motivation and intensity of a group fitness setting. All classes are focused on maintaining proper form and alignment to strengthen your body while keeping it safe from injury. FLEX utilizes a variety of equipment including light weights, resistance bands, gliders, body bars and ankle weights. All you need to bring is your yoga mat, sweat towel and water! Sneakers are optional.

Are you needing cardio?

You will LOVE our FLY BOUNCE class! This is a trampoline aka rebounding fitness class. Rebounding reduces body fat, firms your entire body and abdomen, increases your agility and improves balance, all while being remarkably gentle on your joints and bones! You will increase your heart rate, strengthen your muscles and detox all while having an absolute blast! Just 20 minutes of rebounding equals 1 hour of running. If bouncing is not your thing, we’ve got you covered! 305 Fitness is a 45 minute easy to follow dance cardio class! It’s the ultimate sweat fest of  booty shakin’ FUN! Sneakers are required for both of these classes.

Are you needing to stretch and decompress?

Restorative yoga is the practice of poses each held for longer than in conventional classes, often with the support o props such as folded blankets, to relax the body and mind. If you’re needing a little more movement, our POWER UP~POWER DOWN class is the perfect blend of Vinyasa and restorative.


If you are still unsure on where to start, we encourage you to email us at for a personalized plan to fit your specific needs. We are excited to help you achieve all of your health and wellness goals, and lead you on a successful journey of total mind and body transformation!