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"Folks, there is something extraordinary happening at Freebird.  I call it The Freebird Effect.  It's not merely flowing, flexing and flying.  I practice at a studio in Phoenix when I'm in town for business.  It features 4 studios, locker rooms and a large retail area.  What it lacks is the Freebird Effect.  The Freebird Effect happens when we, as a tribe, build "social capital". Social capital is just nerdy scientific jargon for the driving force that develops when we belong to trustworthy, interconnected groups.  Together, we gain and grow more than we can on our own. Danielle, thank you for giving me this opportunity to share.  I am blessed with the fruitful guidance and friendship that you and the teachers generously offer me.  Fellow Freebirds, I am a better person as a result of your friendship, support and encouragement.