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Immediately upon stepping foot into that freebird door, I felt such an overwhelming sense of love that I knew it was my forever place! It was so liberating to break up with my gym and explain to the owner that there just was not enough 'space for me to grow' there. Those first two weeks I got to meet most of the instructors and try out all the classes. Β I was mind blown from the encouragement I received from each class and the feeling of empowerment I felt from those surrounding me on their mats. Β I have made life long friendships and deep rooted connections with amazingly spirited people over the past year and a half. Β I feel that life is about relationships and freebird has given me an outlet that encourages meΒ to live the kind of life I want to live, be the kind of friend I would want to have, be the type of wife and mother I can be proud of at the end of each day, and gives me the encouragement I need to be selfish and take the 'me time' that I deserve.