About Kennedie Leath

Growing up a multi-sport athlete, Kennedie developed a passion for working out and personal development.  Now, she is taking that love into coaching, where she thrives off of helping others be the best that they can be.

She believes that every class that you take is about your own personal journey. So, whether you are stumbling into an early morning class or joining her for an afternoon sweat you can be certain to leave feeling accomplished and ready to conquer your next challenge!

  • FreeBird FLEX Certified


Words to live by?  Treat everybody like they are a somebody!
Fav vacation spot? Anywhere warm and with water!
Guilty Pleasure? Eating spoonfuls of Nutella before I go to bed
Career outside of FreeBird? Hairstylist
Family? Puppy Dog named Rudi!
City & State you’re from? Brentwood, TN
Favorite type of workout? Trampoline fitness and Flex.
What did you want to be when you grew up? A profiler in the FBI
Secret Talent? I unfortunately don’t have any secret talents
Favorite music artist that pushes you hard during your workout? Anything upbeat
Favorite healthy snack? Cucumbers