About Jenny Sciullo

Jenny was born in Atlanta and moved to Nashville in 2013. As a competitive athlete for most of her life, she is always looking for fun, new ways to move her body through exercise and sports. Last year, FreeBird helped her train for her first boxing match. The always evolving classes Danielle offers helped her body get into fighting shape!

Her goal as a fitness instructor is for you to have a fun fitness experience and to leave her class feeling stronger mentally and physically!

  • FreeBird FLEX Certified

Words to live by? You choose how you respond. Don’t let the moment control your emotions.
Favorite Vaca Spot? San Diego
Guilty Pleasure? Wine/Spicy Margs
Career outside FreeBird? Graphic Designer/Real Estate Investor
Family? I have an incredible Husband, Jared and our 2 kiddos, Riley and Madden.
Favorite Workout? Bounce, Fire Flow
What did you want to be when you grew up? Marine Biologist
Favorite Music? Reggae
Favorite Healthy Snack? Apple and PB