About Jessica White

Jess began practicing yoga a few years ago, initially seeking benefits of the practice as a supplement to her regular fitness regimen.  She quickly realized her mat had been transformed into a physical and emotional outlet, which led to a love for Power Yoga.  Beginning to see a change in herself, both mind and body, she quickly jumped into her journey to receive a 200-Hour RYT certification.  Both being a student and teaching yoga became a true passion that began to transform the way she reacted to life situations.  In her classes, you will sweat, smile, and jam to a festive blend of music!  While having fun and getting a killer workout, you’ll learn to focus on your inner self by allowing your body to flow with your breath and respect the balance between finding your edge and learning to back off.    

Jess recently moved to Nolensville with her husband, Michael, and their three boys.  When she’s not teaching yoga, Jess enjoys taking a variety of classes, running, hiking, and hanging out with her friends and family.