About Kelsey Muskin, Afro-Fusion Dance Instructor

Kelsey was born and raised in Memphis, TN before moving to Middle Tennessee in 2010. She has a background in dance, music and theater, but mostly chose to focus more on dancing. At the age of 10 she joined a West African Dance troupe called Watoto De Africa in Memphis, and from there she continued her dance training throughout her school age days as well as in College. After graduating from MTSU in 2014 she found that classes for older dancers were scarce, but knew that it was her passion. She wanted to continue it as well as staying fit in the process. During that time Kelsey performed in small gigs with friends, made the Nashville Venom Dance Team as well as teaching dance to children. When it all came to an end, her passion was craving for something else and it turned out to be for Buti Yoga. Kelsey found out about Buti through a friend who was Djing for a Buti Yoga event. It just so happens that the instructor of the event was the amazing FREEBIRD Instructor and Master Buti Yoga Trainer, Talen Lane.  Kelsey then came to Freebird in October of 2016 and had her first class and was hooked ever since. The studio owner, Danielle, and Talen have been amazing leaders and mentors to Kelsey since she took her first class and helped motivate her to become certified in Buti Yoga. The love and support that Kelsey receives from all of the instructors and students feels her heart and make her feel that she can accomplish anything! She has gained new friends, ways to stay healthy and fit, as well as calling Freebird her new home. Kelsey is so honored to be able to bring her passions and teach at Freebird Studio!

  • Professional Dancer
  • Buti Yoga Certified
  • 200 RYT


Words to live by?  “If you can’t love yourself, how are you gonna love anyone else”?

Fav vacation spot? Any place where it’s warm

Guilty Pleasure? Candy/Chocolate   

Career outside of FreeBird? Healthcare Specialist

Family? I live in Nashville by myself, but my Mom, Dad & Brother lives in Memphis

City & State you’re from? Memphis, TN

Favorite type of workout? Dancing to anything! & Buti Yoga

What did you want to be when you grew up? A teacher

Secret Talent? I can sing and read music

Favorite music artist that pushes you hard during your workout? Any artist that has a great bass beat in their song : )

Favorite healthy snack? Pineapples