About Sam Henrie

Samantha started going to yoga because she dreaded her commute home from work. An evening class at the studio next to her office seemed like a good way to kill some time. After establishing a dedicated practice, she experienced physical milestones and internal quietness.  She also started to see benefits of her practice outside of the studio. She eventually left that job, but still drove across town for yoga.

Yoga has given Samantha the gift of confidence, curiosity, and creativity in all areas of her life. She was inspired to obtain her RYT 200 hour certificate to help others find clarity in their life through yoga. Samantha loves how each time on the mat is a little different. Her intention is to facilitate a physically creative class that allows students to tune in to where they are at that particular moment.

  • 200 RYT

Words to live by? “I will come to expect that good things are suppose to come to me” Abraham Hicks 

Fav vacation spot? The desert, beach or mountains so basically anywhere in nature lol  

Guilty Pleasure? TikTok

Career outside of FreeBird? More yoga 🙂 

Family? Husband John and dogs Jett and Ruger

City & State you’re from? Santa Clarita, CA

Favorite type of workout? Yoga! I also love walking and hiking

What did you want to be when you grew up? A painter

Secret Talent? Astrology

Favorite music artist that pushes you hard during your workout? Doja Cat

Favorite healthy snack? Cashews and blueberries